A study published on Business Insider in 2013 shows that over 76% of sampled business

owners consider processing of payment as the most taxing part of their operations. The

study also noted that 42% of these entrepreneurs had problems with their payment

processing systems with some still clinging to the outdated cash register.


Leveraging Point of Sale


This being the 21st century and more importantly the computer age it is time to start

leveraging an effective point of sale (POS) system to get the best out of your operations. At

the most basic level this is a combination of hardware and software used in processing

payment transactions at your business.


With evolving technology a POS terminal does not just help in payment but offers a

versatile range of services including:


1. Inventory management including stock replenishment, purchasing reports and

much more.

2. Creating sales reports

3. Creating and maintaining customer databases

4. Employee timesheets

5. Sales promotions

6. Custom barcodes


In essence, POS systems help you sync your business operations from inventory to sales

and customer data. This in turn leads to enhanced efficiency and ultimately fewer mistakes

leading to higher productivity. More importantly, you are able to enhance a customer’s

shopping experience which builds loyalty.


An efficient point of sale (POS) system also helps reduce wastage. For instance, the National

Retail Federation (NRF) reports that U.S retailers lose over $224 billion due to excessive

inventory and over $45 billion due to insufficient inventory.


Getting the Best Payment Processing Rates


While POS systems have indeed revolutionized payment transactions the U.S Small

Business Administration (SBA) says over 56% of its members struggle with high credit

card payment processing. If you want cheaper credit card machine rates you need to

undertake in-depth research but more importantly link up with a financial advisor to help

you identify the best.


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This in turn increases your savings which is what every entrepreneur is aiming at in the

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Choosing the Ideal POS System


There are thousands of POS systems out there but to get the best you need to consider:


1. Ease of use: Pick one that your staff can easily adapt to.

2. Functionality: Inventory is the keyword here because without this feature then

there is no need of the POS system. Look for a system that can send alerts on

inventory levels among other critical functions.

3. Scalability: The best systems start small and grow with your business.

4. Customer care: The vendor must be available to offer technical support whenever

need arises.


Other factors to consider include minimum hardware requirements, coupons, sales

promotions, user friendly and intuitive dash board and affordability.


Now that you appreciate the need for a functional POS system it is time to connect with the

experts and enjoy cheaper credit card machine rates. At PYMNT we work with all these

systems and whichever you buy we will no doubt get the best processing rates. Your

bottom-line will dazzle you a few months down the line.