Innovative eco-trends of world megacities

With the world’s population growing, cities play an increasingly important role in protecting and preserving our planet’s precious resources. Major global hubs have placed themselves at the forefront of eco-friendly initiatives and technological advances, seeking out innovative solutions that help protect the environment while keeping their citizens safe. In the largest cities, you can increasingly find interesting and useful eco-trends aimed at preserving the environment.

New York is no longer styrofoam

Not many people know that in the biggest city in the United States, it is against the law to use insulation that does not degrade over time – styrofoam. So a special project was started a few years ago to eliminate this harmful material from the city. Instead, new buildings have to be insulated with biodegradable materials and no plastic.

Tokyo is leading the charge for electric cars

As the biggest city in Japan, Tokyo has taken steps to reduce emissions from cars by encouraging people to switch to electric vehicles. Local governments offer subsidies for those making the switch and special charging points for electric cars. In addition, the city has been pushing forward on banning diesel vehicles and has set targets to become a zero-emission city by 2050.

zero-emission city

Smart lanterns Oslo

In Oslo, special sensors have been installed in the city’s lighting system. They react to crowds and weather conditions. For example, the electronics will turn on the light if someone is standing under a lamp or cloudy outside. This system has helped to reduce power consumption significantly.

Energy from walkways in London

London has already implemented several unique ways to generate electricity. For example, the special material and coating on the paths generate electricity when pedestrians walk along them. It is then used to power the city’s lighting system.

Singapore is taking steps to reduce its carbon footprint

The densely populated island of Singapore knows the effects of climate change all too well, having faced numerous floods in recent years. As a result, the city has been investing heavily in green technologies to reduce its carbon footprint. It includes initiatives such as solar panels on residential buildings, electric buses, and using recycled materials in construction projects.

These are just a few innovative eco-trends that some of the world’s megacities have implemented. More and more cities are looking at ways to become sustainable, from creating green spaces out of concrete jungles to using renewable energy sources for electricity. As technology advances, we can expect even more exciting eco-friendly initiatives.


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