Startups and technologies to reduce CO2

remove CO2 from the planet's atmosphere

Carbon dioxide and carbon footprint are two problems we face in the 21st century. Everyone agrees that humanity, our enterprises, and technologies contribute to the increase in CO2 emissions on the planet. Unfortunately, every day, each person, each car, and every enterprise pollutes the atmosphere a little more. But fortunately, there are growing numbers of startups and technologies emerging that can help reduce this pollution.

Public projects

Burning coal and making things in factories and power plants all pollute nature. Most technologies that people use cause pollution. Different companies are trying to reduce the amount of pollution they cause. For example, Walmart said they will have zero emissions by 2040.

Maersk plans to use containers made from materials that do not produce carbon dioxide by the end of 2023. You might think this has nothing to do with technology, but you would be wrong. The global CO2 problem can only be solved if everyone works together.

Carbon Engineering

There is a company called Carbon Engineering that is working on a plan to reduce harmful emissions and CO2. The technology they are using will help reduce the carbon footprint significantly. Additionally, they have received investments from some of the largest oil companies.

Chevron, Occidental Petroleum, and many other large companies have invested in Carbon Engineering projects. This new technology will remove CO2 from the planet’s atmosphere and use it for different industries. In other words, the pilot project is a huge fan that captures air and releases only purified oxygen into the environment. These types of installations can be placed in any city or territory.

DAC project

DAC is a project that would allow us to put a lot of “CO2 traps” around the world. It would be helpful because it would catch air pollution. But we need a lot of money to make this happen, and we do not have enough right now. Also, even if we can catch the pollution, we still need to find a way to clean it up before it is released back into the air.

Climeworks, a company from Switzerland, has begun to use the DAC project technologies. They have installed a few machines in their country that help to clean the air by trapping CO2. The fans draw in the air, and the CO2 is trapped in collectors.

Global Thermostat

Global Thermostat plans to make money by cleaning the air of CO2. If you collect carbon dioxide, you need to put it somewhere. For example, it can be used to produce various synthetic fuels and building materials. In addition, CO2 is used in water desalination plants.

Global Thermostat is launching a test project in California. The project will have several machines that can capture up to 4,000 metric tons of CO2. Scientists developed the equipment from the Stanford Institute. It is important to note that Global Thermostat is a world leader in air purification and CO2 sales.


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